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Better Block Foundation

educates, equips, and empowers communities and their leaders to reshape and reactivate built environments to promote the growth of healthy and vibrant neighborhoods.


Wikiblock is an open-source toolkit of designs for benches, chairs, planters, stages, bus stops, beer garden fences, and kiosks that can be downloaded for free and taken to a makerspace where a CNC router (a computer-aided machine) can cut them out of a sheet of plywood. Most products can then be assembled without glue or nails, and used instantly to make a block better.

Started in 2010 by Jason Roberts and neighbors, the Better Block transforms neighborhoods one block at a time.

“We’re trying to lower the barrier to entry on fabrication,” says Jason Roberts, founder of the Better Block. “We’re realizing the potential for the every man and every woman. Before, it required an architect, a carpenter, renderings, and contractors. At this point, you no longer need all that. You just need your local makerspace.”

Spud’s Thoughts:

Easily one of my favorite orgs out there!! I met Jason in Toronto a few months ago and fell in love with his work. In my hometown, State College PA, I’m known as the one that will duct tape solutions and ideas and put them out in the streets to see how they work. Wikiblock amplifies that mentality up a level and gives you all the tools and designs you need to get started!