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The Conscious Accelerator


Evolve Foundation

is an investment group dedicated to facilitating the evolution of human consciousness.


Today, my foundation created a new philanthropic investment fund and committed $100 million of our own capital to it. The fund, in a style similar to venture capital but with crucial differences, will invest in companies dedicated to reducing suffering in this world by using technology to further develop humanity’s consciousness.

We believe that issues internal to our soul, or our consciousness, hold the key to ending suffering and to prosperity. We believe that these issues are taking center stage as humanity approaches the age of abundance. Brave and visionary entrepreneurs are seeing ahead and getting ready. We’d be honored to partner with them to accelerate their success, and through them, the maturation of the consciousness of humanity.


  • Apply: None listed – must email them
  • Amount: None listed – email to pitch

Spud’s Thoughts:

I found out about this through a TechCrunch article. I don’t know much about the fund other than what’s posted on the site.