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Sustainable Business Plan Collaboration


Mentor Capital Network

upports the entrepreneurs behind mission driven, for-profit social enterprises, no matter where they are in the world.


Our program may look like a traditional business plan competition, and yes, there are prizes for top finalists, but most of our support goes towards *all* of the companies that are accepted into our program. We offer a collaboration of entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors, all working to support each other.

This page contains a simplified overview of how our program works, including information that applicants and mentors will need. Because the MCN is dedicated to building the field as a whole, we are happy to “open source” our program — a detailed overview is available here.

  • Entrepreneurs provide exciting new ideas and receive feedback and a chance to build deep mentoring relationships.
  • Mentors provide “mentor capital” in the form of feedback and mentoring, and receive the knowledge of what their peers are thinking from different perspectives, as well as a chance to work with entrepreneurs who truly appreciate them.
  • Investors provide the financial companies, and they get to learn which companies are a good fit for them both quickly and deeply through the perspectives of the mentor team supporting the entrepreneurs.
  • The MCN team provides the coordination.


  • Apply: October

Spud’s Thoughts:

One of the things I love most about this group is their open source mentality. If you dig into their site, you’ll see this in numerous spots. My favorite – is that they list other great convenings and programs for social entrepreneurs to take advantage of! (It’s like they’re doing my job for me haha)