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Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience (STAR)


The Center for Justice and Peacebuilding

at Eastern Mennonite University was founded to further the personal and professional development of peacebuilders and to strengthen the peacebuilding capacities of the institutions they serve.


STAR trauma healing workshops have trained thousands of caregivers and leaders worldwide to promote healing, revitalize their communities, and stop cycles of victimhood and violence.

STAR aims to strengthen the capacity of individuals, organizations and communities to:

• understand the impacts of trauma,
• interrupt cycles of violence, and
• build resilience
• at personal, community and societal levels.

STAR is for people whose work brings them in contact with populations dealing with current or historic trauma: mental health, medical and legal professionals, clergy, educators, peacebuilders, humanitarian, human rights and development workers — all those who need to be trauma-informed in order to do trauma-sensitive programming.


  • Cost: ~$1000
  • Apply: Rolling
  • Length: 4 day trainings

Spud’s Thoughts:

I’ve heard great things about this program for folks interested in doing trauma and healing work. I don’t know anyone personally who has gone through the program though.