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School of All Relations


The School Of All Relations (SOAR)

is a residential educational program for international youth aged 18-26, based on the Greek Island of Aegina.


Rooted in nature and global community, SOAR creates a space to deepen connection to ourselves, others and to the world, with the aim of providing young adults with the skills and the experience that will allow them to live a meaningful life and respond creatively to the challenges of their time.

At SOAR we are looking for young people who realize that life is a miracle. Who want to work towards making the world a better place. And who know that the work begins with themselves. Beyond and through the knowledge and skills that you will gain during your SOAR experience, our aim is first and foremost  to support you in developing awareness of who you really are and what it takes to nurture your own growth.


  • Length: 6 months, November – April
  • Apply: August

Spud’s Thoughts:

I don’t know much about this program so I can’t say much about the program, but in looking through their curriculum, there are a couple elements that are familiar to me – like the Oasis game. I participated in Oasis in Amsterdam many years ago and it was an incredible experience. The model comes from Brazil and is an asset-based approach to empowering communities to transform their public spaces.