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Convergence Leadership Project


The Convergence Leadership Project

- educating a multi-denominational movement of progressive congregations and leaders.


The Convergence Leadership Project is a year-long experience of spiritual growth and leadership development to build a vital movement of just and generous Christianity. You can participate as a congregation, a cohort, or an individual. You’ll enjoy a daily email meditation, a monthly webinar, four symposiums you can attend in person or online, and a wide array of other resources designed to help you align, activate, and accelerate – rising to the challenge of these dangerous times with faith, hope, love, courage, and passion.

We have lots of aggressive but regressive churches in the Religious Right. We have lots of passive, declining, or paralyzed congregations in our traditional denominations. We need a third alternative: passionate, aligned, growing congregations of just and generous Christians who are joyfully organizing for the common good.

Through the Convergence Leadership Project, you can become a leader in this third alternative. Theologically, you’ll learn an approach to Christian faith that leads naturally into progressive spiritual activism. Spiritually, you’ll be introduced to practices that deepen your connection to God, yourself, others, and creation. Missionally, you’ll learn skills that Christian leaders today need … skills of creative communication, gracious and courageous difference, local and regional network building, and movement dynamics. And personally, you’ll gain inspiration and practical guidance in becoming the kind of change the world needs most.


    • Length: One year beginning in August
    • Apply: Before August

Spud’s Thoughts:

I work with a lot of folks who feel at an impasse when it comes to focusing on their faith or their social justice conviction. I’ve felt this same challenge – my faith is important to me, but it often doesn’t feel like a place that is receptive to diving into the messiness of social justice and radical changemaking. Fortunately, that is beginning to change and there are more and more groups rising up to help church leaders be on the forefront of social justice. This is one of those groups and Brian McLaren is a capable leader and educator who I expect will deliver a really great program alongside Rev. Dr. Jacquline Lewis.