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Climate Change Communication Grant


The Minor Foundation for Major Change

is a Norwegian trust that funds communication projects which mitigate anthropogenic climate change.


Projects that through the use of communication help reduce mankind’s emissions of greenhouse gases, are welcome to apply for financial support.

The foundation welcomes applications from all over the world. The board grants support to the projects they believe have the greatest impact on influencing public opinion and increasing political support for cutting green house gas emissions. We are looking for innovative and experimental projects with high impact, and we are willing to bear the risk that such projects entail. Because we want to support projects that otherwise would not have been realised, we never provide top up financing.


  • Apply: Dec 31
  • Amount: Varies

Spud’s Thoughts:

Looks like a really interesting funding opportunity. My master’s work was focused on campaigning for behavior change towards sustainability, so I love that this group is specifically focused on the communication piece of climate change.