Quicker than aimless googling…

In 2008, I was about to land my dream job. All my efforts through college had led me to this opportunity. The interviews went well. Start dates had been discussed. And I began prepping for the move. Then the economy crashed. And with two weeks left until I graduated from college, I had no clue what to do next.

So every night, I jumped on my computer and googled “awesome things to do to change the world.” I probably made it to page 150 in the google search results when I stumbled across a random blog from someone who was sharing their experience with a transformative masters program in Sweden.

I was intrigued. And soon, found myself living in Sweden. My life hasn’t been the same ever since – all thanks to a random blog post I found through google!

Years later, I still think back to those long nights googling for awesome opportunities to further my changemaking journey. Today, I find myself having conversations with hundreds of young people asking the same question. So I decided it was time to do something about it.

It’s not complete, but my hope is that this site can at least reduce the time it takes someone to find their next step. I don’t get anything for the orgs and opportunities I post here, it’s simply my way of giving back to the field that has impacted my life so dramatically. Happy exploring!!